Ben Rodenhäuser

Notes on Programming

Hello! My name is Ben.

I am a Software Engineer based in Berlin.

  • I have a doctorate in Computer Science, and a sound education in front-end and back-end technologies (Ruby, SQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML/CSS).
  • To get an impression of my work, please have a look at the projects below.
  • Before moving into Software Engineering, I worked as a researcher in Theoretical Computer Science, and as a Foresight researcher and consultant.

I am currently looking for new opportunities, and would love for you to get in touch.


Rex is a command line application written in Ruby. It searches plain text based on regular expressions. Rex is modeled on the popular grep utility. Using well-known algorithms, it compiles the pattern provided into a finite state automaton, and produces customizable results listings.


Building a toy version of the "Sinatra" web framework from the ground up: handling requests, the top-level DSL, parametrized routes and Rack middleware.


A generic implementation of classical sets, multisets and fuzzy sets in Ruby.